Most of this footage was recorded by John Irvine, with some additional filming by his brother Derek. In John’s role as teacher at Forrester High School (Edinburgh) he took parties of schoolkids to Shetland every summer on outdoor education trips. This footage is of the pupils boarding the St Magnus ferry and travelling to Shetland.

Film-maker: John Irvine

Donated by John, Derek and Isobel Irvine.

00:00:00Derek Irvine’s car (registration JSF 55) car being winched onto the St Magnus ferry.
00:00:13Forrester School tech teacher Dave Torrance boarding with pupils on already on deck. Dave went on to be a picture framer and run The Torrance Gallery in Edinburgh. Views of the school children on deck.
00:00:18Vaila Irvine (nee Sinclair).
00:00:25Florence Torrance and children Bryan and Pauline (family of teacher Dave).
00:00:32The gangplank being removed prior to departure. Views of the crowd gathered on the pier.
00:00:51Vaila, Florence, Annie Irvine (nee Stout) and Margaret Irvine (mother and sister of Derek and John).
00:01:01Views of the St Magnus ferry departing, as onlookers wave goodbye.
00:01:40Dave Torrance on deck.
00:01:44Brief shot of merchant navy flag followed by views from the deck of the ferry.
00:01:57Derek Irvine explaining ship stuff to the Forrester kids next to the engine order telegraph.
00:02:04Bobby Groat (1st mate) coming out of the wheelhouse.
00:02:12Views of the shore from the deck.
00:02:41Passing Sumburgh Head, with seagulls flying alongside the ship.
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