Footage of Laura Malcolmson visiting the Jarlshof settlement and farm at Sumburgh. Possibly filmed in 1971. Includes view of Sumburgh Hotel.

Donated by the Kemp and Malcolmson families (Shetland).

00:00:00Signpost for the ancient monument of Jarlshof. Followed by shot of ruined manor house at the site.
00:00:13Panning view of the coast.
00:00:15Long shot of the Sumburgh Hotel (before the extension was added), tilting down to ruined settlements at Jarlshof.
00:00:25Panning view of coastline from Jarlshof, tilting down to settlements (with two children on site).
00:01:00Shetland Ponies in field at Sumburgh farm.
00:01:22Laura Malcolmson in field with ponies.
00:01:29More shots of ponies and foals.
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