Most of this footage was recorded by John Irvine, with some additional filming by his brother Derek. This footage depicts the royal visit by HRH The Queen and HRH Prince Philip to Lerwick on 10th August 1960. Prior to this visit a reigning sovereign had not been on Shetland in 700 years!

Film-maker: John Irvine

Donated by John, Derek and Isobel Irvine.

Some excellent film footage of the Royal Visit on 10th August 1960. Shots of the Royal Yacht 'Brittania', harbour activity, fishing boats all dressed overall and close ups of many of the large crowds gathered to watch the occasion. It's a snapshot of an era long past, over 60 years ago now, and interesting to see Lerwick 'old town' in a sense virtually unchanged over that period.

00:00:00RY Britannia arriving in Lerwick harbour. Other boats in harbour are decorated with bunting and flags. A crowd is gathered for the royal visit.
00:00:41Young woman in green jacket.
00:00:51HRH The Queen and Prince Philip travelling to Victoria Pier via motor boat and greeting dignitaries (viewed from across the harbour). Helicopter overhead.
00:02:27Views of the large crowd gathered on the Esplanade for the royal visit.
00:02:42HRH The Queen and Prince Philip on a platform, addressing the crowd (mute).
00:02:52Car draws up outside the St Clement’s Hall with the royal visitors. A large crowd is waiting to greet them.
00:03:00HRH the Queen enters St Clement’s Hall, waving at onlookers. Some have cameras. She greets dignitaries and enters Hall to view exhibition.
00:03:25Police officer arrives at St Clement’s Hall. More views of crowds.
00:03:36Guests seated in grounds of St Clement’s Hall. Women in smart clothes smile at the camera.
00:03:42Dignitaries and royals exit St Clement’s Hall.
00:04:00HRH The Queen puts on her white gloves and departs St Clement’s Hall with Prince Philip.
00:04:28A man holds up the exhibition visitors book which has been signed by the royals.
00:04:45Plaque on Victoria Pier to commemorate the royal opening of the Lerwick Harbour improvement works by HRH The Queen and Prince Philip on 10th August 1960.
00:04:52Views of the bandstand on Victoria Pier, with flowers in front and yacht Britannia in the harbour behind.
00:04:55Fishing boats tied up at Victoria Pier decorated with bunting and flags.
00:05:03Lerwick Town hall with Union Flag flying.
00:05:11Royal car driving down King Harald street. Crowd watching the royals depart.
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