Synopsis: This mid to late 1960s film shows life on the island of Papa Stour. The footage shows the process of transporting sheep from the island - including sheep being transported to the pier by tractor, being loaded on a barge and then departing via tow line to motor boat.

Filmed by Dennis and Stella Shepherd. Donated by Chris and Peter Reep.

This film shows the effort it took to transport sheep from Papa Stour in the 1960s. A lot more work than a truck driving on an inter-island ferry!

00:00:00Gulls in garden and on gate posts.
00:00:26Long shot of pier, showing a van, crane, and row boat passing under.
00:00:31Tractor with sheep driving through field. Two men sitting on tractor.
00:00:42Tractor with sheep being reversed down pier.
00:00:48Group offloading sheep from trailer, into barge.
00:01:01Close up of man handling sheep.
00:01:06Close up of man reversing tractor down pier. With sheep and young boy in trailer.
00:01:12Motor boat approaching pier.
00:01:17Barge being unmoored from pier, being tied to motor boat and both departing.
00:01:55View of voe, with gulls flying.
00:02:06Sheep dog walking down pier.
00:02:14More views of voe.
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