The main focus of this film is of Shetland’s annual fire festival calendar, with emphasis on the Lerwick Up Helly Aa. It manages to capture many of the overtly visual motifs connected to the festival; the act of public procession, the glow of the torches at ‘light up’, the burning of the galley, and the silhouettes of winged helmets and raised axes.

Donated by the Miller family.

This film demonstrates the difficulty of filming the Up Helly Aa procession in low light. When the galley finally goes up the film is overexposed, but it creates a visually interesting end to the clip!

00:00:00Street procession at night, pink glow torches at ‘light up,' Lerwick Town Hall in background.
00:00:19Lerwick Up-Helly-Aa procession.
00:00:49Close up of Guizer Jarl standing in the passing galley, row of guizers with torches on either side of road.
00:00:51View of long procession of lit torches.
00:01:08Close up of procession including torches circling galley. Shot of Guizer Jarl in galley.
00:01:28Men throwing torches into the galley. Some shots overexposed.
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