This film captures both the junior and senior Up Helly Aa processions in 1971. Although there are no views of the galleys being burnt, there are great shots of the junior guizers marching, the bright colours of the light up and brief shots of the senior squad attending an indoor gathering prior to the procession.

Film-maker: Bertie Mowat

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

00:00:00Junior Up Helly Aa procession. The guizers are gathered around the galley as their torches are lit.
00:00:09Guizers lined up with flaming torches with galley in centre. The procession is about to begin.
00:00:14Various shots of junior procession - guizers walking with torches, galley passing camera.
00:00:43Good shots of the guizers walking by the camera, with views of their various costumes.
00:01:02Various shots of procession.
00:01:17Close up view of the junior galley passing by, before panning over to the guizers marching. Members of the senior squad can be seen holding torches at the side of the road.
00:01:33Long shots of junior procession - only torches can be seen.
00:01:44Closer views of procession - some costumes can be seen.
00:01:53Guizers standing around galley. They raise their torches as cheers are called out.
00:02:07Torches being thrown into the junior galley.
00:02:10Indoor shots of senior jarl squad members at an event (in the galley shed?) - low light.
00:02:27Glow of the light up against silhouette of houses.
00:02:31Long shot of the town hall - very low light.
00:02:34Various long shots of senior procession - only torches can be seen.
00:03:07Shots of senior galley with guizers marching on either side.
00:03:38Shots of squad members with purple flares on either side of the park gates. Preparing for procession arrival.
00:03:47Galley entering park.
00:03:49Shots of guizers marching into park for burning. Only torches can be seen.
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