Colour footage of the junior and senior Lerwick Up Helly Aa festivals in 1972. With views of the procession, throwing of torches and both galleys burning. The film ends with an excellent view of the senior galley burning with Lerwick town houses behind.

Donated by Erik Erasmuson.

00:00:00Guizers marching in Lerwick Up Helly Aa procession. Only flaming torches visible.
00:00:14Guizers marching. Filmed closer so people/faces visible in torch light.
00:00:20Guizers marching. Only flaming torches visible.
00:00:28Torches being thrown into galley.
00:00:41Galley burning.
00:01:27Guizers standing static with torches lit. Jarl visible standing in galley in one shot.
00:01:53Torches being thrown into galley. Lerwick Up Helly Aa. Edge of park with onlookers and houses in King Harald Street visible.
00:02:00Galley burning.
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