Most of this footage was recorded by John Irvine, with some additional filming by his brother Derek between 1959 and 1961. In John’s role as teacher at Forrester High School (Edinburgh) he took parties of school kids to Shetland every summer on outdoor education trips. This footage follows the pupils as they visit a traditional Shetland croft house.

Film-maker: John Irvine

Donated by John, Derek and Isobel Irvine.

It's a rare treat to get a look inside a 1960s Shetland croft house - seeing them stoke the fire and admiring the trinkets on the mantelpiece!

00:00:00Views of cliffs and beach at St Ninian’s Isle.
00:00:22Pupils visiting croft house - possibly the same building which became the Croft House Museum at the Ness. Woman in apron walking by building. Woman inside crofthouse in front of fireplace. Shots of fire and mantlepiece.
00:00:54More exteriors of croft house. Boy sitting with dog. Pupils next to vegetable patch and piles of kishies.
00:01:06Forrester teachers and Harold Leask – a Shetlander who was also a teacher in Edinburgh and travelled north with them to help with the boys.
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