This footage is taken on a Sunday morning, with people dressed in their Sunday best and going to church. The clip ends with a group of girls walking through the streets of Lerwick to attend Sunday School at Ebenezer Hall.

Film-maker: Mitchell Georgeson

Donated by the Georgeson family.

00:00:00Monty Georgeson at Eddlewood House.
00:00:02George Peterson (solicitor) walking past garden.
00:00:05Monty and Beryl Georgeson with their Cocker
00:00:18Brief shot of a group of women walking down the street (going to church?)
00:00:21John Sandison and Monty Georgeson walking towards the camera.
00:00:24Margaret Irvine laughing.
00:00:28Children leaving house and walking down the street.
00:00:42Margaret Irvine and Bertie Bowen (walking down street).
00:00:56Beauty (Cocker Spaniel)
00:01:02Party of girls walking to Ebenezer Hall Sunday School, including Helen and Ruth Sandison.
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