This mid to late 1960s film was shot on the UK mainland (possibly England) and shows a young couple being married. The film starts with a woman (probably the bride to be) wearing an unusual outfit decorated with pom-poms, flowers and silver items; before moving on to various shots of the wedding party outside the church and reception. The film ends with footage of people walking in a garden and exploring the woods.

Filmed by Dennis and Stella Shepherd. Donated by Chris and Peter Reep.

This footage shows the bride to be wearing an usual outfit decorated with pompoms, flowers and silver items; and carrying a large parasol. This is possibly a wedding tradition not native to Shetland.

00:00:00Three women walking in a garden. One (the bride to be?) is wearing an usual outfit decorated with pom-poms, flowers and silver items; carrying a page parasol.
00:00:16Woman standing outside a large large modern church building.
00:00:20Bridesmaids arrive at church, their vintage car decorated with white ribbons. Four bridesmaids in peach dresses line up outside church for photograph.
00:00:38Bridal car arrives - decorates with white ribbons. Bride gets out of car and walks up to church with father of the bride.
00:00:59Bride and father pose for photographs outside church.
00:01:10Guests exit church in wedding clothes. Group gather outside, as vintage van drives past.
00:01:17Bride and groom exit church and accept wedding favours. They turn and wave at camera.
00:01:30Various shots of wedding party posing for photos outside church.
00:01:58Bride and groom get into bridal car as guests throw confetti over the couple. Tax disc on car possibly OCT 64, 65 or 69 [unclear from image]. Car departs.
00:02:17Guests arrive at wedding reception. Bridal car parked outside. Various shots of guests in wedding clothes.
00:02:42Bridesmaid and man walking through garden.Man and woman walking through garden, passing vintage cars.
00:02:58Close up of bridesmaid stepping out of white shoe.
00:03:04Bride posing with man in car park. Brief shot of two guests.
00:03:26Man and woman looking at flowers and walking through garden. Woman in pink dress walking through garden.
00:03:58Various shots of a group of people going for a walk in the woods.
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